John Deere Steering Solenoid Terminator

Hello everyone.
I have successfully got AOG working on our JD 8260r, but I have one question. The factory hydraulic valve consists of 3 solenoids (left, right, and an on/off), that I am running with the standard ino and cytron. When I unplug the John deere system from the steering valve, I get flashing lights and codes in the cab🙄. Putting a 22r resistor on the on/off solenoid fixed that, but the left and right proportional solenoids are not so simple. Checking the resistance on the solenoids shows about 7 ohms, but simply putting a 10 ohm resistor didn’t fix the error. I tried all the way up to a 100k resistor, but still getting an error in the cab. Does anyone have an idea how I could fool the tractor into thinking the solenoids are still hooked up?

You might need to match the 7 ohms more closely. You can do this with multiple resistors in parallel. For example, two 10 ohms in parallel provide 5 ohms total resistance. A 10 and a 22 ohm resistor in parallel is 6.9 ohms. Maybe that would do it.

It’s worth trying! I’ll see what I can do

Well I tried matching the ohms exactly and that doesn’t work either. Apparently it’s looking for something more than just steady resistance.

Is it happy if you just plug the coil in and hang it off somewhere? If so maybe you can buy a coil to plug into it just to keep it happy. It might be reading inductance or something to make sure the coil is okay.

We happened to have some old coils laying around and I plugged one in, and that seemed to satisfy the tractor. That will probably be the best solution for now!

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