Laptop charging

Hello everyone, i am having a problem charging my laptop in the cabin.
I am trying to charge it with this step-up module: Dc Dc Boost Converter Constante Module Huidige Mobiele Voeding 250W 10A Led Driver Module Niet Geïsoleerde Step up Module|Geintegreerde Schakelingen| - AliExpress
and a acer charger cable.

The problem is, it registers the charger for like a second and then stops charging, next the power LED starts blinking. I have set the step-up to 19A 5A as the original charger.

The current may not be enough, it says 02-8 A. in the properties, try increasing the current.


Tested the current with a motor. The ampmeter says 8A of current when i stop the motor with my hand.

Maybe voldtage is lover than expected. Try setting up to 19.5V

I guess 8A output current? What is the output voltage at that output current?

What is your input voltage? If you feed it from a tractor battery and the tractor is not running, you may hit the input current limit. According to the specs, the 8A input current limit may be reached if you try to feed the laptop at 19V and 5A current. 19V at 5A equals 95W, ignoring losses, the input current would be 8A at roughly 12V input voltage. Should be better when the tractor is running and the battery voltage is higher but still very close to the limit.

Tested it with both 12V and 15V. The output voltage is the same(19V even tried 19,5V). The output current is set to max that the trimer(potenciometer) allows, the laptop should pull arround 5A so its plenty

Update, tested on two laptops, both not charging. I gave up and ordered an universal laptop charger for a car.