Laptop/Tablet Mouting

Hi All,

Wondering how everyone is mounting their laptop/tablet in their tractor?

If it helps, I have a Lenovo Yoga 510 I am planning to use.

Some challenges ahead:
How to control AOG using touchpad in swaying cockpit.
Quite large to install (display and keyboard)
The 200 NITS display is difficult to read in sunny weather.
A couple of examples here

Here’s my self made bracket. Added a tilt adjustment later too.

20181201_145649 (Medium) 20181201_150002_small 20190410_195408 20190410_195431


@MylArti I’ve used John Deere 2600 screen in swaying cockpit. The Yoga 510 is a larger display. And if set up correctly shouldn’t need to be touched all that often.

@Kaupoi that’s nicely done. Consider your idea stolen.
What did you do to add tilt adjustment?

That is really neat!!



I just made a floor mount bracket , a piece of flat steel about 14 inches square, in the center i added a piece of three inch round with the top cut at a forty five angle, [about two feet long], and then a piece of flat steel about a dozen inches square …with a half inch lip at the bottom …
The holder is cheap enough to make, and it should fit into any tractor, i normally mount it onto the floor on the right side at kinda the front …
yep, i painted it after i welded it up , black of course, although you can use any color, even pink, lol