Leica Mojo Mini Antenna


I have an old Leica mojo mini gps system. Can the antenna be reused with agopengps


The antenna seems to be a Novatel AG-STAR : https://hexagondownloads.blob.core.windows.net/public/Novatel/assets/Documents/Papers/AG-STAR/AG-STAR.pdf. She as an RS232 serial bus and output NMEA 0183 . So yes, it could be reused, you need something like this to convert RS232 to USB to connect to your computer.
Here is the datasheet of the antena: https://hexagondownloads.blob.core.windows.net/public/Novatel/assets/Documents/Manuals/OM-20000149/AG-Star%20User%20Manual%20OM-20000149%20v5.pdf.
See §3.1 for communication throught serial port.

  • This antena is L1 only
  • She is SBAS only (Egnos, WAAS or other depending where you are in the world): no RTK available



It currently connected to the Leica Mojo Mini via Bluetooth. Could Bluetooth be used again for agopengps?

Don’t know. If your antena connected via Bluethoot appear in Windows like a com port it should be possible.

You also have to take care : I don’t know what NEMA messages ouputs the antena ? For AOG you should limit the NEMA messages to:

  • GGA and VTG
  • RMC
    All the other messages shall be deactivate. So you have to configure the antenna like this: don’t know how to do that, you should check the available documentation: Ag-Star™ | Support | NovAtel


I used a Novotel Ag Star on Bluetooth this year.