Linear WAS

Hello everyone,

What is the opinion on an linear Sensor?
I guess the Geometrie principle is not that good as with an rotational one. Bad at Angeles far of zero degree, but around zero it should be asgood as an rotational Sensor?
Opinions on that?

It has been done, and seems to work like in this video. Have one for evaluation but waiting for the air ride sensor to die first.

If your steering is calibrated properly, I don’t think that it would really matter the type of sensor as long as the full range of motion, and proper zero is captured.

@PotatoFarmer did you end up trying a linear? So many posts about mounting WAS. I know in my application a linear would of been a 10minute install.

No the linear WAS is sitting on a shelf, PANDA fully took over my interests. This project really brings out the ADHD in me.

If the standard ride height one breaks it will become a priority.