Macdon autosteer kit B5589

Anyone hook AOG up to the B5589 kit? I have a couple of questions.

How to hook up the solenoids on the valve block? In this document on page 4 it says the connector is E1 or E2.
Datasheet_PRM2-04_ha5105_EN.pdf (484.6 KB)
In this document on page 18 it says one pin is “coil housing ground” and the other two are DC + or -.
Datasheet_Coils_ha8007_EN.pdf (782.6 KB) Is this correct?

How to hookup the lock valve? This document on page 5 show 2 pins. It doesn’t say which is + or -.
DLDAXHN912_full_en_us_letter.pdf (193.0 KB)

Here is some info I have on the kit:
WAS Honeywell RPNS090AA1B11A
pin 1 ground
pin 2 10 Vdc to 30 Vdc
pin 3 4.75 Vdc to 0.25 Vdc signal

Connector 282087-1
terminal 282110-1
seal 281934-4

hydraulic valve

Lock valve
DLDA XHN Sun hydraulics
connector Deutsch DT04-2P
wedge W2SA

pressure sensor
MLH500PSB01A Honeywell
5V power supply
0.5 Vdc to 4.5 Vdc
connector Metri-Pack 150 with shielded cable, Honeywell 3685302
- 12065287, Mouser 829-12065287
- 12048074-L
cable seal
- 12065285
a 5Vdc
b output
c ground

Kit instructions:
Macdon Autosteer kit B5589.pdf (5.4 MB)

Baraki is using PRM2-06 series for his valve block, E1 the standard DIN connector without diode is used. I wired Terminal: 1 (Direction signal Left or Right ), 2 (GND), Chassis is’nt connected (make sense for 115/250V circuits).

I guess, it doesn’t matter which terminals do you use, it is just a coil.


Some coils have built-in anti-flyback diodes. So they can only be used in the correct polarity. Honestly not sure if it hurts them or not to be hooked up backwards. I’d think it might blow a fuse if you did.

I’ve never seen one of these macdon kits in the flesh. I’m interested to know how it works out. My understanding is it uses a little cylinder to push and pull on the steering linkage, no?

Just waiting for some connectors to try it and see if the fuse blows. It does use a little cylinder connected to the steering linkage.