Main Fuse Size?

I searched but found nothing for a main fuse value for the V2 steering box. I have been using 10A on the steering box all summer without any issues, but tonight popped it doing some ACS amp disengagement experiments. Never put much thought into it until tonight. But the right answer will also be a breaker in this case, the fuse put a quick end to the fun I was having.

I am guessing 15A is the Ideal size being that is the size of 12/24V converter I have? 10A seemed to work fine but might be a little tight.

I use magnetic fuse 8 A and it works but need to check the torque required and the size of the motor .
my motor is 12v/ 40W so normally around 3.5A required
I connect power converter for tablet also

For me 10A is so good