Mod for using VNC to control with smartphone

I was thinking last night after reading some threads about porting AOG to Android and the dificulties of doing so, i read a while ago that Brian used VNC or remote Desktop to control AOG, and an idea crossed my mind and i implemented an option on the Display splayout to put AOG on “Phone Mode”, all It does is resize and relocate the window in a location of the screen i pre-set on the a vnc server (It on ly broadcasts that portrait rectangle of the screen), i Connect with a shortcut i made on my phone and what i get is this…



This are fullscreen captures off my Android phone.

Its very usable and only retains the most common controls you’ll need once AOG is already working, a use case could be to check some options or work info when you are off the tractor


I think Caesar did this in the cerea 300 series.
He used raspiberry which controls the program and the Android tablet displays the screen. That is why it can break the connection and the self-steering continues.

If course, you could have AOG run in a Intel Compute Stick or some small pc and control It completelly vía VNC, in a tablet it works as It is, in a phone It Will require to modify varios forms (Windows) to be usable on the small screen and portrait orientation