Native ublox PointPerfect Integration for RTK corrections from space

Would it be possible to include the native support of SPARTN security key input from the GUI and storage of said keys in non-volatile memory within Teensy 4.1? This would prevent the user who has an L-band compatible antenna and a PointPerfect L-Band Corrections Receiver (NEO-D9S) from having to reload the security keys from u-center every time the system boots up in the tractor. It is also extremely useful for people who would rather receive their RTK corrections directly from space and not have to setup a second form of communication for receiving their corrections via independent base station. Although the PointPerfect service is a paid service, the monthly costs are likely negligible (around $30 CAD per month pay as you go) compared to equivalent rtk services offered from the likes of team green, blue etc etc. As well, there is an excellent library from the people over at Sparkfun which allows you to configure the F9P and NEO-D9S chip from an arduino platform.

It would be nice to get some sort of permanent integration for this in a future release of the Teensy 4.1 firmware as well as the AOG/Ag IO software.


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