New line up of trimble moniters

has anyone played with the new trimble monitors, was thinking about selling what i had and upgrading, was seeing that you can run rtcm into it but limited info on it. sounds like you need a vrs unlock code for around 500 buck. not sure if that is a one time code or annual

Sounds like a pretty cheap unlock, usually there are multiple levels of unlock you have to buy before you can get to RTK.

Vrs is “virtual reference station” so maybe their yearly correction subscription price came down? But it still $1200cdn up here last time I checked.

For Trimble last quoted price was $3500 to rtk unlock a 372 already unlocked to omnistar level.

For deere the cheapest was sf6000, with rtk completely unlocked in one go from sf1 for $9500 for a total of $14500 for the reciever. If you did the sf2/3 unlocks one at a time it was more money to get to RTK.

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