Newbie ntrip radio question

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has used any of the Freewave radio cards as an NTRIP base to rover radio shot? They are commonly used in oil/gas industry for scada communications.

They rock.

Also work in a gas field maintaining about 500 of them. Would be good for a smaller area, line of site will get you just like the Loras. On very flat land would be a great setup. As long as you don’t interfere with an existing network in the area.

Cellphone NTRIP still is way easier.

ok cool, good to know. Still getting familiar with my brand new setup, got half-assed cellphone ntrip over an old laptop until my tablet shows up. Going to try seeding with it tomorrow, see how it goes. Eyeballing a yuken valve off a shutdown booster used for slide load/unload and how it could apply to autosteer. Exciting stuff here, im hooked already.

Our old Autofarm RTK system uses Freewave radios, we easily get 7+ miles of range with quality antennas. I have two newer more compact Freewaves as part of a kit from Swift Navigation that I’d be willing to sell. PM me if you want more info.