No rtk fix only float

I have set up my base station through snip to rtk2go,can connect ntrip to my mount (Dalmore1) which is 1km from tractor but I am only getting float on agopen. Is there something I might have missed whilst setting up base station?can connect to other mounts (250km) away which also gives float. Thanks

Which version AOG are you using? Do you see that it counts the kb receiving in the left side of the screen?

It’s the latest update I can’t remember exactly,yes shows kb down bottom left side :+1:

For the RTK base to start sending corrections you need a minimum of 6 hours of operation.
If you placed your antenna and went to test without waiting, you will probably have FLOAT, try again later.

Cannot be that, SNIP status says his base is up and running well.

Also if the rover reaches float, the receiver must be receiving RTK correction data. Cannot think of a reason for float other than poor satellite visibility or rover incompatibility with the base (Trimble with RTCM 1008 and such issues).

Yeh the base has been up for around 36 hours now without a fault as far as I can see,as I didn’t have much time to use tractor today perhaps I need to leave it to acquire more sats for a period of time and then it will fix?its rtk2b zed boards in both tractor and base.

Had a chance today to try gps again and after a short while it went to rtk fix and seems to work great. I think it might have just not had time to find enough sats on first try