They’re $450 each in Australia

230$ with antenna.

Once I add shipping that works out to $410 AUD

I don’t know for Australia, but for Canada it’s better to just pay the transport with Ardusimple and pay duty later with DHL. 18$ fee plus taxes.

17.5€ flat rate shipping and later paid import tax to dhl for 2 receiver kits I ended up around 600€ so your 410 aud is ~280€ already better if you don’t have some import tax on top of it.

Maybe you can get a skytraq rtk system for less. I believe they ship from Taiwan, could be there’s different taxes from there?

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F9P boards are quite economical compared to commercial solutions of the same performance.

They fix extremely fast, and are much more stable than anything that was available before them. I would save longer for F9P rather than having the headaches of the previous generation receivers if possible.


I hacked aog to read and plot two cheap GPS. Identical GPS both bought at the same time at Amazon.

These are sitting 6 inches or closer to each other. In the window sill where service is poor.

I also used one to get corrections for the other. Just testing the concept. As you can see from the patterns, the are not the same at all.

I figured at least they would draw similar patterns. It is way worse than I thought.

I will put this on a laptop and get it away from obstructions and see if it is any better. But I’m not expecting much better unity between the units.


I bought two from Mouser recently, shipped to Australia for around $850. Great product just don’t use USPS for freight as the service took 5 weeks to deliver. I chose it because it was the only service that would deliver to a PO box. Emailed Mouser after 3 weeks and they replied it usually takes 1 month to Australia. Must come by dolphin. Bits I ordered from Digi-key came in 7 days, DHL I think.