NTRIP on AOC not sending corrections

I am connected to a NTRIP caster however the rtcm corrections are not being sent to the Ublox C94-M8P receiver.

I first tested with the U-Center NTRIP client with the C94 and the green led flashes so it is receiving the corrections. I am currently indoors however I do get a FLOAT.
So the castor is working

Enclosed is my NTRIP setup page. I do not really understand the To UDP Port if someone can explain it would be good, I have the C94 connected to a USB com port.

How to I direct the corrections to the c94

The c94 is configured to accept on usb rtcm messages

The position data is getting from the C94 to the AOG software.

Any advice will be appreciated



Everything looks ok. 0 means corrections are send to serial port.

Goto Ports and connect there to your receiver.

Have you already fixed the issue?

in the main there is no problem.

to you receive data from you ntrip server? that means the green bar moves and the kb of data increases (up to 2 mb/hour)…

I think that missing
in the current version