On screen age of differential data warning

After doing some differential correction age testing with a F9P and rtcm3 from my own base, I have a feature request for @BrianTee_Admin. I like to set my F9P’s max accepted differential age to the maximum allowed (255 secs) because 4+ min old correction data is still better then none in most cases but you are losing precision and I’d like to know before I get an RTK Lost alert 4 mins later. The GGA sentence includes the “Age of differential data”, could we display the age of differential data on screen after it exceeds X secs (selectable) as a precursor/warning that your accuracy is worsening and you’ll lose RTK soon?


If you’re using NTRIP you will get the popup warnings that it is unable to connect to the caster.
I can see the merit in a radio setup though