On track platform Asparagus picking assistance

Hello, We are working on a project of assistance in picking asparagus (tough job by hand!). Should be based on a self propelled on track platform… Running at very slow speed (about 300m/hour).
Would be great if it is auto guided… We have seen RTK dual antenna experience here… Do you think it can work?

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AOG can handle the vehicle automation, plus you will need some sensors, a cutter and a collection box. The you will need some additional software, but I am constantly amazed at the possibilties of AOG.

It would be a bit of work to get this going, but with the right skills and support many things are possible.


Bluerabbit is correct. You will need to run one of the slower micro version hacks. AoG is limited to 0.6 kph start speed. The last micro version was built a few releases ago. I think it was based around 5.2. I’ll post the link here shortly.

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Is it true to say that autosteer at very low speed avoid using WAS and can only be done using dual antenna?
So Code will be specific…@MTZ8302 had experimented?