Output from 12 to 24volt converter drops

I have hooked up the 12 to 24 volt converter to the cytron md13s controller, I have the in on the converter fed with 12 volts and the out goes to the cytron + and - then I have the ma and mb connected to the phidgets 24 volt motor. When I test the + and - on the board when I powerup there is 24 volts, but as soon as I press the button on the cytron to activate the motor the output drops to 12 volts and when I stop the voltage on the + and - stays at 12 volts, I have to repower everything to get it back to 24 volts and as soon as I repeat it drops to 12 volts and only puts 12 volts out to the motor.
I am starting to feel real stupid here, what did I miss

Disconnect the motor and the convertor from the cytron, try hooking the motor directly to 24v output and measure/see what happens

same thing, maybe my benchtop powersupply does not have enough power I hear it clicking once in awhile, it is 36 watt power supply set at 12 volts, I didnt think that the motor spinning freely would take 36 watts, I guess I will hookup directly to a battery and give it a try

thanks Brain that was the problem. I guess never assume anything, in any case the 36watt benchtop power supply I was using was not sufficient to drive the converter and motor

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As I further note even when I double the power supply up to 72 watts of power it still does not have enough juice to run, but works fine off the battery. Just in case anyone else tries this with a smaller benchtop power supply

12 to 24 volt convertors are not very efficient. Like a 12 to 110v AC - takes a LOT of power to make even a little bit, Down converting, no problem.