PANDA with V2.4 Board as steering only

The more I dig, the more I’m confused…

I currently have a PANDA setup that uses a F9P + Teensy and is connected to a tablet with a USB. All data and positioning works good and I get RTK fix.

The confusion comes in on how I can still use all the other equipment required for Autosteer. I have V2.4 boards that have slots for three components that I’m using already. Networking is no problem for me but I still don’t understand how the steer board interprets the data…? Do I need another Teensy mounted on the board or can I simply take my F9P, IMU, & Teensy and mount it to the V2.4 board and call it good?

Maybe I’m just confused on where the GPS and IMU need to be in order to properly fuse data for best results…

The AIO boards make panda themselves. You won’t need your panda PCBs anymore. Transfer the expensive bits over to the AIO and set the panda PCBs in a box.

Sounds good, sometimes it’s hard to know what boards and new features are compatible, especially when I haven’t been following along the way.

So to be clear, the advancement and benefits of PANDA are simply code, NOT having the IMU right by the antenna?

The advancements and benefits of PANDA is due to having the IMU and GNSS receiver both connected directly to a fast microcontroller (teensy) that is able to sync up the input data from those two devices as quickly as possible. Its not only code, its also the physical connection layout that makes it possible.

Got it, I think I was getting confused following PotatoFarmer’s PoE & UDP videos thinking the PHYSICAL LOCATION of both the GPS antenna and the IMU needed to be in the same spot, i.e. if your GPS antenna is on the roof the IMU needed to be right by it.