Pcb issues with ibt

Was works but I don’t seem to be getting any output to my motor driver from the pcb. Using ino for ibt. No voltage to enable or pwm. image

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Can’t really see your wiring to ibt_2. But suppose dir is to l and r enable. Then you must hit steer button or switch to make /get 5v on dir /l R_en.

yup dir is to l and r enable but no matter what I do it wont supply voltage to it. had this all working on the breadboard prototype.

What ino version.
How do you use steer switch.
Did you activate auto in AOG.

not sure of ino version but was downloaded from Gitub most stable release. pinouts should be right I think. tried everything with the steer switch. wired different ways. even shorted 0 and com without switch. as well as the on/off. setup auto in aog same as I did with the breadboard build. worked perfect. like I said the WAS works perfect, just not sending anything to the motor controller. thanks for the replies

This probably wont help on steering issue, but looks like your remote optocoupler is backwards.

You are right kaupoi at least one is wrong.
Trosiech you must tell exact name of ino.
And also how you set all the settings in setup zone.

Definitely have the optocouplers screwed up lol.

Autosteer PCBv2
Screenshot (1)
Screenshot (2)

good catch. not sure it should matter though?

You should chance the selected inclinometer to adafruid mma since that’s what you have mounted on the pcb. That might not help with steering issue either.

the only way I can get power through dir is to change settings to cytron motor driver. but then I still have no pmw

Is your autosteer icon at bottom right turning all green, when you engage steer switch?

Nope. I have 4.5 v on the normal open on the switch. And I press down it goes to 0. That should be correct no?

Press down? Do you use a button switch, or does it stay down after pressing?
Somthing is wrong. Volt should be almost 12 v at the switch, when it is open.
You must make a nice drawing of your complete wiring., your picture is not enough.

Yup. Got power issues. Working on it

Resoldered the relay and solved the power issues. This should be working now as it pulls voltage to zero on 0 when I press and hold my steer switch down. However it still won’t enable. I will work on the wiring diagram tonight. Thanks for all of your help

Recheck also your voltage regulators, pin 1 must be at white dot on PCB. Or just check if you have 5v whiteout USB.

If autosteer is enabled, the DIR pin will be low, means it’s connected to GND, you can try if that works, connect the EN_L and EN_R directly to ground to check if you’re IBT is running fine

No no. Dir out to ibt_2 must be 5v to activate. You can even make l and R_en active by connecting to 5v in to ibt_2.
But steer must be low to make 5 V on dir out

You’re right… sorry for the miscommunication :man_facepalming: