PCB Testing including the MMA 8452

I’ve just put together my first PCBv2 board and running it with AOG 4.3.10

I’m doing some testing on it now to see if everything is working. I have installed a sparkfun MMA8452, ADS1115 ang Cytron MD13S. The only non standard item is I got a Nano Every.

I’ve uploaded the nano every ino posted by another user on the forum and pretty much have everything working.

I’m not sure the MMA is working though. Where would I see data changing if the board was moving about? (I have set the option to 3 within the INO code for a sparkfun MMA8452.) I’m not seeing anything changing in the ‘From Auto Steer’ window when moving the board about… adjusting a potentiometer connected to the WAAS connections does generate changes in the window as does switching the steer switch.

There is 3.3v on all pins (except ground) on the MMA.

I’ve worked it out! you need to enable it within the modules section in AOG… An enjoyable learning curve I’m on!

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