PCB V2 and nano obsolete?

Hi all,

I made PCB_v2 and have 4 more in parts I tested on table and it works ready for tractor installation until I seen UDP only topic where there seam to be said that teensy 4.1 PCBs will be used forward.

So what to do? Go forward with tractor installation or wait for teensy PCB and recycle what parts are same? How long will nano PCB be supported ?

Don’t panic the v2 PCB and Nano is still good and will always work so just keep doing what your doing.

The UDP talk you see is only because more and more features are added to AgOpen it gets harder to keep both USB & UDP for all the extra / new options.

If you want your Nano PCB as UDP just put the Ethernet shield under the Nano and you have a perfectly fine UDP steering PCB.


Thanks for reply, great to know that new system is not instantly obsolete. So having UDP nano shields will be enough for v6 no need for teensy boards?

V6 it’s pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha, new boards with teensy are for V5. One thing is the V6 and the other the development of the hardware.


Then hardware, you will support nano and teensy PCBs for future softwere or will go teensy only?

I am liking the pre pre pre pre V6 teensy rumours.

It’s like F1 silly season :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: