Preferred company for PCB assembly

Just wanted to ask, is there a preference from where to get the latest boards made and assembled. Anything made in Australia can be expensive. Appreciate any guidance

jlcpcb, few dollars for 5 pcb’s

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Looks like a great choice have you used this company

Yes several times, you can order a clean board or they solder all the parts for you.

Also from china to netherlands was 5 days.

They have a great chat support also.

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Thanks Ray do you have an image of your boards, what was the approximate cost.


Here you go

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The boards without components are very cheap. Its almost 6 euro for 5 boards. But shipping is almost 10 euro so.

Around 20 euro for plain board.

Picture 2 was more expensive 5 boards solderd with components was about 64 euro.

Still pretty cheap tho…

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That is a great idea having your name and logo, very clean looking boards

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I think the idea of having several boards is a great backup plan also notice the version on each board.
Can I ask how your project is going

Yeah only i made some mistakes in the design i am not a elektrical engineer so
Some boards are not working 100% so be sure to check your sheet and simulate your sheet.

Greetz ray

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That’s ok at least you now know what not to do, and most importantly you can never put the smoke back in. If your not making mistakes your not learning

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