Problem with base station?

Hello everyone. Im using ANN-MB-00 as my base station antenna for almost two years now and its working great but there are two issues i noticed over the two years that ive been using it.

One issue is sometimes i get random drop in quality when im in the field or on the road, quality goes from RTK to Float and even DGPS sometimes but it gets back to RTK in a couple of seconds. It happens very fast and its not really a problem but it bothers me. Also worth mentioning is that when this happens there are no trees and other things that can interfere with my tractors antenna.

Second issue is that when for example going west to east in one pass is precise, every time i go that same pass west to east is good but when going that same pass east to west it looks like the tractor is roughtly 5cm moved to one side even though AOG says its on the line. I hope this makes sense.

Note: base station antenna is located on top of a steel shed with clear view of the sky, no trees, no power lines and its mounted on a steel plate 10cmx10cm. Using ethernet connection to router. Running ESPRTK sending correction to Emlid Caster. Base station position is from a survey in that ran for four days, two years ago roughtly.

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I don’t know about your first issue, but could your second issue be your WAS? If it’s not set perfectly AOG can drive a straight line but slightly off to the side of the set line.

Could be, i build it very fast and ran through settings quicly. I was thinking maybe roll was off?

Isn’t AOG driving a bit “off the line” if WAS was not correctly calibrated? On later versions with the integral component this should not happen.

But how do you conclude it is a base station problem?

I think someone at the forum talked about this east/west problem some time ago. Cannot remember if it was “real”.

I once had random and shortly FIX to DGPS drops and the reason to that was a loose antenna connector (SMA) on my panda box.

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