Problem with ezguide 500 antenna and connecting to agopengps

I am not sure if I have a bad serial to usb cable or I am missing something. I have an ezeguide 500 with an antenna that I have used with the system for years, was just going to try it with agopengps, however, no matter what I try I cant get the signal to show up in the software.
I have looked at the NEMA setting in the 500 and they are set to output on the com port at 38400 baud, gga on and vtg on but on that screen they state 1hz on another screen the refresh rate is 10hz, I have tried both settings in Agopengps but still does not connect.
I have checked that the driver for the serial to usb is installed and showing up properly in the device manager, and I have made sure that I have selected and connected to the correct port. All to no avail.

Oh and yes I turned off the simulator and restarted AOG
Any suggestions

In a terminal emulator can you see the nmea sentences coming over?

i opened a terminal in putty and from my arduino I get the proper output, but nothing on the com port from the ezeguide, I am guessing at this point faulty serial to usb adapter, but dont really have anything else to test it with so I guess I will order a different one.

You may need a null modem cable or you are using a null and need the straight - the Rx might be connected to Rx instead of Tx to Rx. I have an ezsteer 250 that needs a null modem cable.

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Did this connection work? finally ?

yes new cable fixed it up