Ptoblems with aog

My problem is this , i dont currently use rtk corrections just kinda testing . i use a as-rtk2b-prof9p-l1l2-nh-00 with ublox mult band gnss antenna. I was using aog this morning with steer guidance and it was working pretty good then it kinda went crazy was out 20ft or better and then few hours later said i was going back wards ? i checked my u center and my antenna was all working and set the same as it was when it was working pretty good. Any ideas?

If it has the red arrow on the screen and you are going forwards, tap the tractor in the middle of the screen. This will fix it.

If you like 3 point turns, turn off reverse detection in settings.

What IMU are you using?

Dont have imu

Did you stop work,


Came back later to find your line had shifted over 20ft. Is this the question?

Thats what happens without RTK, the line shifts with time and is not repeatable. Even using WAAS repeatability is a major issue.

RTK fixes the rover to one point on earth and is repeatable forever, does not shift with time.

Without RTK if you take a break you will need to re center your line, also may need nudging while operating to keep online as well.

I under stand that rtk makes it better ,however it shouldn’t be 20ft out rest of day? I never stopped working in the field . I did the head lands the started going back and forth in field and that when it started?

Nudge all day long without corrections

While you are working, time drift is part of the uncorrected experience. Random jumps are too.

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