Raise / Lower point adjustments and using Machine Functions to control relays

I’m looking at hot to control raise / lower coming into and out of headlands. I liked the machine control functions that were built into the u-turn screen. Where you could trigger actions with a relative distance away from the turn.

With the raise / lower function, it doesn’t appear that you can change the trigger point for the raise and lower. i.e. I’d like to start raising X distance before the implement crosses the headland and I’d like to start lowering Y distance before it crosses. Primarily looking at doing this with a planter to time things with when it raises from and engages with the ground.

If this offset functionality available?

Also, it does not appear that the machine control action in U-turn can be routed to the relays – is this correct?

I think its all in these settings i just posted. Just first set you headland distance from your boundary.
section control machine control

I’ve been playing with this in sim mode tonight, and it only seems to apply to the section control on/off. When I’m adjusting, it looks like the raise always starts at the headland. It’s been difficult to test as I’m getting an error when I open the tool menu.

I’m running a 1 section tool, 180" wide.

Here’s the error I get when opening the tool menu:


I tried it awhile back with relays hooked up and it seemed like it would work for my drill. Yes the error you got i was able to duplicate. Must be a bug.

I’m trying to figure out the best way. I like referencing off the headland as it is the true boundary when I plant. From my testing, it appears the lift is tripped right at the headland, the lower is tripped before. I would fiddle with the headland line location and timing to make it close.

I’d like to be able to set triggers like the U-turn machine entry/exit based off the headland line. The start point of the u-Turn varies when in odd shaped fields. OR have the option to reference the U-turn sequence off the headland vs. the field boundary.

uturn does get sent to the machine module - but the code isn’t written. Everyone kind of wants to do something different with machine control, i am unclear how to proceed given there are sooooo many combinations of applications.

Any thoughts?

Its a shame to get almost all the way there, then drop the ball at turning a relay on and off.

Hardly anyone uses the inches way so it hasn’t had much testing, was able to duplicate it as well, just not sure where in the thousands of variable swaps, the inches gets lost.

Imperial is so difficult in so many ways. Everyone should just use metric lol