Read Vehicle Position pgn (65267) using Arduino CAN Shield or DUE

Has anyone successfully read the vehicle Position using an Arduino CAN Shield or DUE?

I have sniffed my CAN port and I don’t see it. I’m thinking its because I need to request the PGN after an address claim, or just monitor other ecu request/responses.


Should not need to request it. From what I’ve seen it’s broadcast over the implement bus at 5 Hz (at least on my tractors, could be 10 hz on other machines). On my older John Deeres it’s not on the tractor bus at all. Just the implement bus. Perhaps on newer machines it’s broadcast on both buses.

I know on some machines the position PGN is definitely also broadcast over the tractor (chassis) bus, because I know someone that’s using a canbus plug on their sprayer, plugged into the diagnostic port, and it is getting the GPS position information there, but not the rate information, which would be on the implement bus only.

On my tractors, the back of the monitor has a plug that contains both the implement can bus and also the tractor can bus. The steering is done over the tractor bus. I do want to sniff that some time soon and see what those steering messages look like.

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Awesome thanks for the reply.
I was trying to access the implement bus via the J/H pins on the 9 pin Deutsch connector, but I couldn’t see any data. Do you know if those are the correct pins?
I will try to get a a plug that will fit the back of the monitor. Is that for a JICASE or JD tractor? Would you happen to have a link to that plug?
Thanks again

This is a John Deere monitor (old one). I have the old brown box monitors and they use Delphi metripac connectors (rectangular things). The wires are not wrapped and visible on the back of the monitor. The two twisted pairs (yellow/green) are the buses. I bought some on aliexpress.

Which Deutsch plug are you attaching to? Is it the diagnostic port in the cab? According to User Manual | Tractor Hacking, pins H and J are the implement bus. Pins C and D are the tractor bus.

That’s what I was trying. Is the baud rate also 500k for the implement bus?

On my tractors the buses run at 250k

Thanks I am now able to get vehicle position :slight_smile:
What pgn do you use for rate?

What do you mean by rate? Speed? I believe that’s in the PGN 65256 message.

Sorry, applied rate, as in fertilizer applied rate in gallons per acre. or is this a pressure?
I was also thinking of using PTO (powered takeoff) but that doesn’t tell me how much fertilizer is being applied.

That’s all proprietary to John Deere. I’m sure it would be on the implement bus, but no idea what you’d look for or how it would be encoded. You could look at Scripts/PGN.csv at master · TractorHacking/Scripts · GitHub and see if they have any PGNs for John Deere in their big CSV spreadsheet.

Found rate pgn for JICase 4520 Titan Floater

pgn = 61184

Note: You must be mapping to see this data on the CAN bus:
When byte [0] == 32, 
 FieldTotal = byte[2] * 256 + byte [1], this will increment for each active rate
 byte[3] + byte[4] * 256 = id of the active node 

In my test id for node1 = (2*256) + 32 
                         node2 = (1 * 256) + 240
                         node3 = (0 * 256) + 3

Rate = change in field total / time. I have not tuned in the exact equation for rate yet to match the jicase display. I suspect that other JICase machines may be using the same pgn, but need to check.