Rtk radio ntrip

I am a beginner
I would like to know if it is possible with a simple way to have the choice is RTK radio or ntrip depending on where you are and the coverage of each?
Can we create a rtk ntrip base with a simplertk2b lr card that was originally configured for rtk radio?
Hardware side do you use for the base and mobile card rtk2b or ublox zed-f9p rtk or emlid reach m + or other

I have Simplertk2b base that sends corrections with LR and ntrip.
First connected base (usb) to old windows laptop that is running Snip Caster and sending rtcm messages to rtk2go.com. Laptop provides reliable power to base too.
Second setup I have is that same laptop providing power to base. Base is sending rtcm messages through LR radio to my other old laptop in my home office. I connected the LR module I bought from ardusimple to this laptop with adapter. Then this laptop, using Snip, sends messages to rtk2go. This Snip Caster is working as a private ntrip caster too.
Rover can receive corrections with LR too, but I never use it since it’s not reliable.

Hi Kaupoi
I really like you advise so please do not think that I am being rude but I do not understand why you want to connect your base in such a way. I think your base is sending correction to snip via usb to the internet and also by LoRa radio to another snip enabled compute. Sorry I can be a little slow sometimes
Can you explain why this setup is useful.

What I want to configure on my Rover is to switch between LoRa radio corrections from a base or Ntrip corrections from a mobile phone from a snip enabled base. On my Rovers I use 2 receivers to get a solid position and heading. Having the ability to swop between base corrections or Ntrip correction could be useful

Just for testing differents setups. And my snip computers are using different internet connections, so it’s quite fail safe solution.