RTKBase Procedure

Had this working great, was just playing with survey-in and feeling clever so tuning some advanced settings and I’ve busted it.

Been on this now for three days and I’m overlooking something obvious here.

Procedure for building an RTKbase station:

  1. Install Etcher
  2. Insert SD card into reader / writer
  3. Download RTKbase binaries
  4. Using Etcher, burn these to SD card
  5. Attach GNSS board (RTK2B in this case)
  6. ls /dev, note entry for GNSS board
  7. Reboot, fire up browser to localhost
  8. Go into Settings / Main Services and ensure port is correct.

Behold the magic.

Now this was working fine for me, but I got clever, fiddled with it and hit problems. Reset RTK2B back to defaults and checked it in UCentre, got a fix almost instantly.

Re-flashed RTKBase, updated so I am back to all defaults, connected pi and I’m getting nothing back from RTKBase.

When I run str2str, there are no bytes sent or received from the board. The port is definitely correct.

Just trying to remember: are there any prerequisites for RTKBase? Should the above procedure work from all defaults (simpleRTK2b config, Pi loaded with default RTKBase)?

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Need ubx data. Especially sfrbx et rawx

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Thanks, but I have managed to get it working again by simply re-flashing the card with RTKBase. I have no idea what changed, but some variable must have because it just worked out of the box again.

There is one final thing that still confuses me: getting the perfect fix.

From what I have read, the best way to get a decent positional fix on the antenna is to set the RTK board to “survey-in” and let it run for a few hours. Once it has settled down, record the values and then plug them into RTKBase as a fixed position.

That makes sense to me, so I did exactly this, but even now there is significant drift. I set the fixed values perhaps 6 hours ago, have logged on now and the pointer has moved about 2M.

Is it enough to just set this fix in RTKBase, or does it need plugging back into UCentre and UART2 setting from survey-in to fixed?

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