Rut955 as ntrip client

Hello has anyone got this working? I would like cellular connection then use rs232 connect to works on pc with lefebure ntrip client.



Hi, yes it works. I have used rut955 as ntrip client for a hemisphere a222 and works well. You have to set the ntrip details in the web interface of rut955.


Ok, and you recieve Nmea true serial? And nothing more needed then fill in the ntrip settings as normal?

I can’t confirm if it accepts nmea gga on serial to sent to ntrip caster as the caster we use doesn’t require gga. I think there were settings for nmea source in the same menu. Rut955 has it’s own gps so it could use that instead of the serial.

Ok thank you. Will try tommorow. Will post result.

Well this dint work. Tried all possihble settings. But nothing worked.