Section Path to KML - Google Earth

Very cool. I never even thought about adding the ABLines. Looks much simpler to code and read the code afterward. I did not know there was an xmlWriter class. I’ll have to look into that. Thanks, back to school again. Nice work.


Oh, but I need the line where the vehichle has driven so that I can drive in the same tracks again and again with different tools using assisted steering.

That is what AOG does. Save the AB Lines and re open next time.

Sometimes I need to leave the AB-lines for wet spots and other issues driving a custom pattern. I whould like to se that custom pattern next time I drive because the plants have recovered from the tractor wheels and the physical tracks are almost not visible anymore.

You would need to either record the entire path, or import the kml file and then convert it back to a recorded path. If I’m not mistaking, @BrianTee_Admin, the kml file is where the section was and the recorded path is where the pivot point was. If that is the case, the recorded path would be a better option.

Now I am a bit confused. Kent, you show some screenshots with green and yellow and blue color which is kind of the thing I am looking for. Some of the later screenshots even have applied areas. Is that just something you have played with in a local copy of the code, or is it something which can be found in the master branch? These kind of kml-files would be very nice to upload to farmos, or use in jupyter-notebooks for farm management.

It was something that I was working on locally. However, @BrianTee_Admin, further developed this in the main code, and I believe it is in the latest version. He used a simpler kml writer to write the entire sections to a kml file. This can be imported into most kml readers. The colors on mine were simply auto and manual tool. I did add a single line to show the entire “day” of driving. Not useful for most, but just tracking the day. I added some cut lines to get a background in AOG, but found this to be a bit cluttered on the screen in application. Neat in the simulator, but not so practical in the field.

So, yes, it was something that was a local branch, but a more refined version was added to the code.

There was even talk of a live stream kml file that you could monitor the equipment from a remote location in Google Earth or similar.