Serial to udp over wifi with esp01?

Does someone have succeed to make an serial to udp bridge with an esp01 ? and have pcbv2 on wifi ? Or should I have to build it by myself ?

something like that :
serial by wifi

esp 01 can do it just pay attention to use voltage limiter

I think the esp8266 can tolerate 5v on its io, just make sure you don’t feed 5v into its 3.3 Vcc.

Yes the ESP8266 is 5v tolerant on its I/O lines, at least according to the chip designer! Is ESP8266 I/O really 5V tolerant? – Digital Me

I’ve build 2 ESP8266 interfaces :

  1. Between AOG and arduino (compatible with AOG 4.3.10, some features of AOG setting
    fixed in arduino code)
    ESP07 (because in die cast casing and need an external antenna)
  2. One for machine messages to AOG
    Indicates state of section of sprayer to AOG (7 section + 1 general)
    Built in in sprayer, nothing to worry, no wires to connect …
    ESP12e (or f on lolin board)
    Both written in lua node mcu (not the best, I know, but for instance it works …)
    Configuration through an html page on a known open wifi network.
    Installation pending, the same on fertilizer (with 2 sections)
    Supply by the rear lights of the fertilizer (need to swith on position lights of the tractor)
    If more info, code needed feel free to ask
    (edit : the fisrt one was already written with Arduino compiler to improve speed)
    I think the serial wifi 1.0 bard is fully 5v compatible, supply and I/O)

I haved tried this … but don’t seems to work :confused:

testwifiserial2fromweb.ino (3.1 KB)

Bonjour Julien,

This code is not for UDP protocol. Messages are not exactly the same in UDP
and in Uart and I’ve put some filter not to transmit all messages (machine)

Ah! I didn t pay enough attention to this … I thought the messages were the same, just send to udp … I will take a closer look

There’s no reason why they could not be the same, and I think they should be. The Arduino and AOG both would need updating, so maybe something for a major release.

i am trying to put an esp-01s on the arduino of the pcb. in order to have udp wifi communication. Could you send me the code you wrote it would help me
If anyone has already realized this, please give me some help
thank you

You could probably use the AT firmware. Better would be something with a web interface for configuration.

Looks like this might work.

Or this


I’ve written udp interface on esp07 some time ago for AOG v4 (it works great but don’t remember exactly)
Here is my network :

Here is the ino : (11.2 KB)
(remove .ino, unzip, load attosteer.ino and other files in arduino, download to ESP8266
RX TX connected to autosteer arduino)
After boot, if you switch pin0, you enter local AP, IPaddress,
and have access to all configuration)

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