Simple rtk2Blite and ubx problematic

I bought this set to be able to make heading without using cmps14, but I just found out that this set gives ubx message, what software (esp32 ? ) I need to install to use this set with aog, thank you.


I do not fully understand what is written because of the language, I would be glad if you could help.

For dual antenna you need that :

Or that :

thank you very much, just 1 question, does my blite configuration fit these codes? (jeep1945)
Adsız simpleRTK2Blite2_

Hi, I don’t know about Franz code, I use mtz8302 code with esp32.
But, if you are novice, don’t care about heading and roll. It still work good without, may be curve line and Uturn will not be perfect but still ok. You can had a second F9p for dual antenna or cmps14 later to improve your system.
On this video there is no bno no dual antenna no roll and still work good

I’m a beginner :slight_smile: Your message made me comfortable, then I add cmps or bno080 as you said, thank you