simpleRTK2b Antenna

Can anyone recommend a decent alternative antenna to the magnetic one that comes with the simpleRTK2b? Is there any major performance difference between:


I can see that the latter has a 5.5dBi gain so the decision seems obvious, but are there any other factors that need considering?

No sure on the first one, but my mate had the little square one and he changed to

This was the before and after - antenna is on top of his house, so clear skies all round. Obviously a bit of time passed during the switch over, but all in all, seems like the wee square one is pretty decent !


I am not complaining about the performance of the square one, but I need to get rid of the magnetic base.

Those charts are pretty telling, though.

Not much in it, but if you need rid of the magnetic, I’d go for the white one myself. Looks nicer apart from anything else :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity, what harm does the magnetic base cause you? Can still fix it with screws.

A few reasons, but mainly my buggy is a Mario cart, it’s tiny and very low to the ground. The antenna is frequently being blocked out by deep grass, etc.

Also magnetics can interfere with instruments.

I have ordered one of these, let’s see how it performs :slight_smile:

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