Snip caster

Just trying to get RTK up and running. Does anyone know if there is a free version of SNIP yet? I can only find an “evaluation” copy. Let’s you run an hour then you need to close and reopen🤷‍♂️

As far as I know all you need to do is register your snip installation and select the free lite licence. That’s what I have done with mine. The free licence only allows 3 data streams and doesnt allow some other things but normally you dont need them.
To register go to the help tab, registration


Mine still always asks me if I want to try the new features (demo) each time at startup, it means I have to interact with it each time my virtual machine reboots.

This started after registering for the free version, and then updating later.

Maybe the update put one more program in windows starting list!

After every SW update SNIP automatically offers a test period for the higher specced version. Customers can try the paid features and SNIP hopes they get money. If I remember right, you get that offer for three starts and then it is gone. Cannot remember if there is an option to skip immediately.

I had to go to help/registration and select lite. Thanks @RGM I think that is solved. Now when I go to a serial in or caster, a window pops up that says I have only 3 that’s fine, it goes down the list, 0 serial, 0 casters etc. But at the bottom it says 0 available. It keeps talking about a Demo 0-3 that aren’t there. I’m thinking it is in the back end of the program. I removed, deleted the snip file in Programs(x)86 but the problem persists. I will try a fresh install on a new system to double check this theory.

Have you checked all stream tabs? Sounds like you have some predefined demo streams somewhere that should be deleted.