Hello to all,

I am in need of hiring someone to complete our LED guided driving system;

We have created a PCB using the SMT32 and have wired in the LED addressable strip. We have the LED working with the AGOpenGPS software in simulation mode but cannot figure out how to add the GPS receiver and which one to use (Possible a serial to USB dongle)?

We thought in the end you need a wheel angle sensor and IMU but I don’t think that’s the case?

We just want to buy an outdoor GPS receiver with 5 meter wire with USB connection that plugs into the laptop as does the PCB. Our LED is plugged into the PCB. Have all this communicate with the AgOpen GPS software. This is only used to guide the driver straight while seeding etc. This way the driver is not constantly looking back.

Be really great to find the right person to send our system too take a look and get it set up.

Please contact myself at:

Sounds like you’ve done the hard bit!
Buy one of these:
and an antenna:

Plug it in via USB and configure it using U-center and the config file I’ve attached.
Then tell AgOpenGPS which port it needs to look at.
Job done :slight_smile:

conf.txt (20.9 KB)


This is pretty awesome!! Very happy with the info. I wonder if there are cheaper versions of this that would work: I have been given a budget and need to be very cheap :slight_smile:

And our engineer made a serial to usb connection. Will that work? Or possibly ?

Thank you so much for your help. I have allot riding on this… I’m hoping to be still employed by Christmas hahaha.

Regardless C-Quick, I’m ordering exactly what you suggested and then we can start sourcing cheaper stuff.

You can absolutely use the cheaper M8N or other types of generic receiver, but just be aware that they won’t be able to pick up EGNOS, so your accuracy will be pants.

The ones I linked to can do EGNOS and are also RTK capable if you ever want to go that direction.

Wow, you really know your stuff. I will order the ones you linked and then we can test a bunch of different ones. I also found a great steering motor and can that in the future. For now I just want to have an LED strip guide the driver. Was not easy to this point.

Which software do I use? I am guessing the latest version?

Hi, I understand that you will use addressable leds for a straight ride, so where will the leds reference to go straight? What I mean is (I’m using google translate sorry) don’t you need to define an A and B point like in the 50th second of the video?

Oh yes. You will need to get into the field, put your tractor info in and set up your field. Then all should be good to go.

Is your project similar to this one?

Well that systems pretty gucci. Our is just LED guidance. We have the LED PCB made and working in SIM mode.

Ok this is not the easiest software U-center. I’m not sure where to go? I went to upload file but its looking for a ublox file? So I have the system attached; downloaded the U-center and i have the config file you provided… but i dont know how to use the .txt file to config the unit?

First off, if you haven’t already, download the latest firmware from the Ublox website (here)

In U-center, on the top left, below the new file, save icons etc, there is a socket icon. Select your COM port there, and in the icon next to it (the squiggly line) select your baud rate. It needs to be 9600.

Then along the top, go to tools → firmware update.
Browse to the firmware file under ‘firmware image’ and leave everything else as-is. Hit the go button in the bottom left.

Once that has completed, go to tools → receiver configuration.
Generation is ‘Ublox generation 9’
Configuration file is the one I posted
Hit transfer file → GNSS
You will need to change the baud rate from 9600 to 115200 in order to reconnect for the next step

Once complete, go to view → configuration view
Click CFG in the left hand column. Hit send in the bottom left.
This will save the configuration to the receiver’s flash memory so that it persists on reboot.

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Ok Thanks! I think I have that all set. It says firmware update successful. I pushed send at the end to save the info and now I open AgOpenGPS.

So I am in the AgOpenGPS and in the GPS tab on the left I click on it (I’m in sim mode) and it says COM3

AND I have numbers 126 and back to 140 and back and forth. Which means to me its actually chatting with the software.

So what is my next step? get out in the field? I will look at the youtube videos now and then i should be good to go.

Are there any other settings i need to put in manually? Or I guess I cant when I’m not in SIM mode?

Thanks for all your help… I think I’m almost there. Next week I will be plugging in our PCB Board with LED light and I should be good to go.

Just make sure all your machine measurements are put in correctly, otherwise you should be fine.

Share with us some images of the project.

Yes we will be sharing images and video soon. Its going really well thanks to CQuick!

Well its all working in Simulator mode. LED Is working. Now to take it outside and see if i can get it working out of simulator mode.


It’s very successful, I want to do it too, but correct me if I’m wrong. As far as I understand, the operation of the leds is according to the wheel angel sensor, isn’t it necessary to get the angle information on the field from imu (yaw angle) rather than was? I could be wrong too.


Yeah shouldn’t the leds mirror the already built in on screen light bar?