Spinning screen

Roll is constantly changing with a huge amount of data. The serial string shows:

Current steerangle,setpoint,heading,roll,switchstate
As you can see the roll value keeps counting upwards. Something isn’t good with the data from your pcb. Looks like a bad connection or something.

I was tilting the steer box to show it was working. Was at 8 and I tilted it to 50 and back

I changed the frequency
Still learning on how to change the nmea

I have good stable roll coming out of steer box.
Was thinking about going back to 3.09 and try that.
I should have 3 or 4 weeks till I need this tractor. Have been thinking about trying the relay from led pin and going back to md13 drive to drive the danfoss, and trying to go back to 4.3.10. That would simplify things a lot.

Switched to v3.09 and now have roll

Are you also switching Arduino versions to match your AoG version?

Ya, I’m running coffeetrac.ino due to danfoss valve

I’m pretty sure people have been using the new version with the danfoss?

If so, would someone let me know if they are using the md13s and how you have it wired. I’m determined to aog ino. Thanks

Larsvest, did you put the danfoss lines into the pcb ino ?

I did not, I don’t have a Danfoss valve or a cytron. But read here what grabik did in this thread.
.ino for PCB+MD13S+Danfoss valve

I think it is in the pid. Ino

Thanks. I’ve been reading that post and with your questions I thought you might have done that mod.
I have those sections printed out to study. My plan is to add danfoss pwm to pcb ino. I have never written code for arduino, but I think it’s doable, and Brian’s reply to put 50% cycle to the drive make me more confident.
If we can make it work, it would be nice to have a pcb revision that adds a relay to power the md13s.

Yes. I had to change a few other things as well. I haven’t gotten a chance to test it yet but the sketch verifies.

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Veo en el video que las sentencias procedentes de tu gps no son estables, hay momentos en los que las horaciones desaparecen y cuando vuelven tienen un aspecto extraño. Que receptor gps usas?

Ublox c099 module with Trimble AG25 antenna. I have changed my setup since that video. Using a modified version of Brian’s sketch to run Cytron md13s driver on Danfoss valve. Still having to use v4.1 in aog but no more crazy nmea, as far as I can tell.

Debes configuar con U-center el protocolo de salida a solo NMEA, y en el puerto de salida que utilizas desactiva todo tipo de mensajes excepto GGA y VTG.
Yo utilizo la ultima version de AOG y las raciones del gps son estables. Tengo frecuencia de 8hz y correxcion a 1hz (en pestaña DATA SOURCE).

I am currently using AOrtner rover config set at 8hz rate with only GGA and VTG. Is rtk rate 1hz from base module what you mean as correction ?

Where is DATA SOURCE tab located ?

Click on the gear button and it shows you a lot of menu’s including data sources

Oh, I thought he was talking about ublox.
Cesar, no I am on 10hz in aog, as that’s what I remembered Brian saying to set it at. I had it set at 5 once and the steering was real far behind. That was before rtk though.

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