Started a different Graphic design

I am an enthusiastic fan of this project.
Since I like to play around with graphics programs, I have mine
Design ideas implemented.

What interests me because I am not a professional graphic designer what you think about these designs. I deliberately chose the flat design graphic style because it is easy and easy to recognize even on smaller screens.

So far i have made the most of the graphics but there are still a few missing and I still have to check the finished ones for errors

some examples


This looks really professional and shares a common theme. Nice work. It might be hard to do the “batman button” in green :wink:

What happened to the batman button?

The Batman button disappeared a few versions ago. It’s still there though it just doesn’t have the bat.

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It looks smart, but perhaps a bit too uniform to be that nice to actually use. I recall one tractor which had a different shape knob on each spool lever and without looking the drive knew which one they were about to operate. With a touch screen, we don’t have that tactile help, so at a quick glance I would want to be sure which button I am about to press. Changes in color and style can be very effective for that.

New arrangement

main menu versio2


and version 3
main menu versio3


perhaps a little to colorful

I like version 2

Maybe text labels is good idea for new users?
Maybe make them optional.

I’m really glad to see someone with some interest in GUI designing.

If the space around the buttons in v2 is otherwise wasted, I’d prefer the button grouping of v3 with the option/room to include text labels. I realize there might not be enough room for some of the languages but I find it difficult to intuitively know what the button does with just the icon.

i have the same problem :smiley: i worked with the original design maybe i can make some easier to recognize

:heart_eyes: :star_struck: I like very much version 2

The second one looks very good. I think the buttons look a bit more distinctive than ther third.

I suspect adding permanent text labels could end up rather small and cluttered. One solution for those could be adding a “?” button which would pop op an over lay of large text labels with a line from each button to it’s description.


That’s idea - maybe just make help window with which button what do.

and Vesion 4
main menu versio4


I like the idea of grouping the function by shape color or something. ie. AB and Contour.

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@AndreasTT I really like the idea of a UX redesign. I’m just not sure about all the colors when you are in the cab and have to deal with sun influence and at night time. But it looks great. :smiley:

I make a night Theme when i have finnished the day version.

So good to hear :smiley: