Steering speed

I am interessted in steering speed and I hope someone else is, too. I have build one system for now and believe the steering is a little bit to slow. It would’t be bad, if we have informations about the steering speed. How to measure it? Is measuring the time, that is needed from minimum (left) steerangle to maximum (right) steerangle by using the “Drive” - button in the steering menue, a good way? Does “Drive” working with maximum PWM? The results would depend on the max/min steerangle of the steering axle. This values are mostly estimated. Have somebody a better idea, or have somebody already measured the steering speed of his system?

Maybe try turn with steering wheel by hand so fast as you think it should be from full right to full left and mesure the time. You can calculate from it the RPM. Then try it with drive from full right to full left and you will see.

With drive it takes about 7,5 seconds from full left to full right. How much time take other setups?

When I tryed to rotate my steering wheel by hand it was about 1,5 or a bit more turn with steering wheel per second. That means its about 90 - 100 RPM. From left to right its about 3 full turns and something maybe 20 degreas. With these parameters from full left to full right it is about 2,12 second. But this speed is good for uturn if you want keep track for line I think there is no need for big speed. What kind of motor do you have ?

I have a old 12V Metabo accu drill with a friction wheel to the steering wheel. I have to find out the transmission ratio.

HaraldL, a guy from German telegram group told that his setup needs 4s. He has a transmission ratio from 1:4 and a motor with 437 rpm.