Teensy 4.1 bootloader error

I’m transitioning to UDP, so have made up a Panda board for the GPS but can’t communicate with it. I’m guessing due to a Teensy issue. My board is giving 4 red blinks then a pause. Can someone with a working module confirm this isn’t just the normal operation with the Panda sketch?

Board came with it’s blink program working just fine, I soldered the headers, built the board, then programmed it with the Panda 5.5 ino seemingly without issue. The red light blink sequence has been happening since then. Everything on the board appears to power up as it should, but no comms.

Google search suggests I have a bootloader issue with the crystal, so I’ve either damaged it during soldering and was lucky to be able to talk to the board during programming, or I’ve fried it when installed on the Panda board. I can’t get the board to factory reset.

No soldering issues or shorts found anywhere. There is continuity between a few of the ethernet pins which I’m not sure if normal, but that is the same on the spare board I built and have never powered up. I’m guessing a damaged Teensy but don’t want to get another one and immediately destroy it too as they are pretty hard to get right now. I am wondering if there might be an issue with RJ45 connector.

Nanos with the ethernet hat are working just fine.

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