Teensy PANDA

Not sure if I should start a new thread but the other one is getting long and there are some in answered questions.

I am trying to build a board with Teensy, WAS, BNO and motor driver on one board.

The Bno connects.
The ADS is found if I run the i2c scanner sketch but with AOG it says it can’t find a ADS so auto steer is dis abled. The address is 0x48. In AOG 1115.h file the address is the same. Any ideas?

Other questions to follow :face_with_head_bandage:

Something like this?

New PCB all in one SMD, test time for it


Mine is slightly different.

Are you saying you will give me the file so I can order some?

If everything works as planned, the files will be published soon

Which sketch are you using? On the all in one code, Basic Panda GPS or Panda2Teensy_V5.6, the ADS is not on the same i2c bus as Imu.
Imu is on Wire (18, 19 on Teensy 4.1), and ADS is on Wire1 (16,17)

That brings me to another question. The ADS is 5v are the teensy data lines 5v compatible? Are the ADS data lines 3v even if the supply is 5v. Sorry I don’t own an oscilloscope, I think that could answer my question.

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Thanks I hadn’t caught the wire1. It now recognizes the ADS but it doesn’t give an angle reading…

I’m running it this way for a couple hundred hours with no isue. But the ADS have pull-ups to VCC on i2c so voltage is probably to high and a level shifter should be used.

I think the next board from development team will use some kind of level shifter.

Ok thanks to you all I got a little further.
-got GPS, pitch and roll and WAS

One questions that still remains…
-how do I get RTK with panda?

This exact setup was pulling RTK with the old board so I know the password etc. is ok. See attached pic.

How is your GPS attached to the Teensy4.1?
Did you configure the GPS rx/tx like the Instructions in the teensy ino?

In the NTRIP configuration you have to set it to send data over the UDP


My U center doesn’t have this under config.

// Serial 1 In - RTCM (Correction Data from AGO)
// Serial 1 Out - NMEA GGA

Am I correct that TX2 and RX2 would only be used if I had an RTK radio mounted to the arudusimple board?

With turning on UDP ntrip I get Float but so far it hasn’t turned to RTK

You can configure Uart2 on the F9P for any function you wish for single. Dual uses it to communicate to rtcm the second gps.

Is your antenna unobstructed?

Yes I think that is the problem now.

Got an RTK fix!

Thanks to all.