Testing PCB with servo motor from aruino

Hello I am trying to test te PCB.

Can u use MA and MB from MD13s to control this:


It’s not the correct application. The servo needs constant voltage on two wires (seperate power supply is best, about 6V) and the 3rd wire needs a RC Servo signal, which the standard code doesn’t support. There’s no reason to use a motor driver.

Thank you. Is there any other way to test pwm signal?

With the MD13s? Connect a DC motor, even just a small toy motor.

So if i can control the motor i can also control a pwm hydraulic valve??

I put old halogen work lamps to test for pwm hydraulic valve. A lot around me since most where replaced by LEDs!

Or incandescent flasher light, whatever you have nearby!

So just minus and pwn wire. Nothing more?

Yes, ground and PWM, incandescent/halogen would react pretty the same way than a solenoid, same wiring.

Thank you sir.

Well if i push the MA button on the MD13s board i see the light glow.

But from agopengps i get nothing.

Pwm stay at 0

I tried searching the ino. 4.3.10 but i can.not see what i am missing.

Anything more i can check?

I use the pcbv2 thats in the master file.

on PCB V2
did you connect WAS or potentiometer ? and steer connector?

Potentio meter and connect the switch with 2 wires. I get steering angle.and all i see switch from 1111 to 1110 when connect and disconnect. Searhing true the forms i see different awnsers.

I am gonna test with v5 latest. But i have mma so i dont know if i can test pwm.


Turned back to v5 and all working well even with mma…

Thnx for the help all.