Touch AB line offset

About the touch lines… if you make a line, the first line is on the boundary so you have to center the line for the first workpath. What about the idea for setting the first line including the half size of the actual implement? Or have a screen where you can enter the half width of the current implement and then move the line that value to left or right depending on a positive or negative value entered. When using multiple tractors and copy fields from one Agopen system to an other you have the same lines but not the same path, because when centering the line manually the line could be centimeters away from your other tractor. If you know what I mean…

The ABLine already does this - but no matter where you make it, it gets moved inside the field. The plan is to also do this for Curve but just haven’t had enough time to code it. I like the idea of adding a nud (numeric up down with keypad) for distance in. Good idea. It can default with 1/2 tool width and you can set accordingly. Nice addition to the touch form

You can go up to 50 meters in or outside the boundary. Negative is outside. 2019-10-17

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New release v3.0.1 on Github that includes this feature

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That’s awesome! Does it automatically take out the tool width?
Also… you can move the line with the arrow’s, is it possible to make also a value where you can see the offset from original line?

It moves the line over half of the width set in the nud for the Width. Just easier so you don’t have to figure out what half way would be.

Unfortunately when you move the line you also move the reference that the line is based upon. It might be tricky to know how far, but let me think about that one.

Downloaded the latest. Really like touch line. However, if you are running line 2 of 2, and you pick touchline again, it automatically goes to 1 of 2. Appears to do the same with curve. It also shuts off all guidance. I may have missed something, but that is what is happening in the simulator on my end.


Yes that is correct. I need to figure out how to bring over to the touch what line was enabled and set that accordingly. Not sure how to do that at the moment.

Yes, everything shuts off. Kind of have to because the only reason it is on is you had selected a line and everything was ok. Once you go pick a different line or if you deleted all the lines, it would leave the program very confused. Another one of those things that would be great to figure out how to make it much smarter. The possibilities of the choices makes it exponentially more difficult on knowing what to do. I’ll try to make it so it knows what to do and shuts off less.

If following abline or curve, turn touch line button off. Button is not needed if it jumps to another line when you pick it. Could be bad on some row crops. In the ABLine button is a good place for it. But not on the main screen. Some of us just get board and like to touch buttons while we are driving. Great feature, just needs to be in a “Set Up Field” screen. For example, Touch AB, Touch Curve, U-Turn Boundary, Geo-fence, and other field things that can make a mess if done while driving, should be done while stopped. Just my two cents.

I remember seeing a video of a self drive in a grape vineyard. It about gave me a heart attack just watching the video. That would not be a good time to press the touch ABLine Button and click OK.

Some people want to change lines constantly - lots of them like 5 curve lines alone so it does need to be accessible. Sitting watching TV here tonight I figured it out. Make a global curve and global lines array and know which one is being used. Eliminate the Line.txt and curve.txt files and only use the Lines and Curves txt files. If Draw knows what you currently have selected it won’t change anything. Easier said then done as its hundreds of lines of code changes.

Maybe it could be done like this:

  1. When you open Touch Lines it reads what is currently used, but doesn’t shut down everything.
  2. Change, Add, Delete any line you want
  3. On confirmation do another check - if the same line is used, then confirm and proceed, else give a warning that no line exists or new line chosen. If the original line was deleted, warn the operator and turn autosteer off. If new/different line is chosen, then warn the operator that different line from original will be used and guide to new line keeping autosteer on.

Yes, generally like that. But its getting the code to actually do that. Right now there is no tie in to the line being used, and the lines that are saved.

In Autocad when we work in the layer menu, we can adjust the various layers and even the layer we are on. But if we want to use a different layer, we have to click a button to make this the current layer. This button is in all forms, but it simply sets a variable name.

Now, if when the touch line form opens or closes or anything else it leaves the ABline alone. It only modifies a tempABLine. Then, have a check box to make ABLine Current. Dido with the curve. The touch line form could even read the current ABLine upon opening and duplicating it into tempABLine while not touching it until you make current.

Now, thinking further, If the current ABLine was moved to the top of the list of ABLines, it would not matter at all. In other words, make ABLineCurrent inserts this set of points above all others at [0] and deletes [j] or what ever. This might be an easier recode.

Lots of dryer shack programming time last couple days - got it figured! Have a look in the DevelopmentOct branch for the code to compile and try if you want. Still a few little fixes.