Tp link TL-WR841N

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to connect the 1.Autosteer 2.Section 3.GPS 4.IMU and 5. Tablet via UDP with the tp link “TL-WR841N”.

The blue connector can Not be used or?

BR Peter

I first put my zyxel brand device in Access point mode, turned off DHCP, gave user defined IP:, network mask:, gateway:, I used Nano ethernet shield for autosteer and imu (enc28j60), For gps, I used USR-TCP232-T2.

Just as long as everything is addressed correctly, this should work as a LAN switch, as whiterose says.

The blue interface looks like it’s for an ADSL connection, don’t use that one.

Yes… Sounds good. But then for section control is no place when Imu is also going through ethernet.
Maybe i have to Switch for section control to usb