Trouble with PCB

So I just got my PCB and soldered it together and now I cant seem to get it to have a wheel angle reading or steer the tractor. Is there anything I’m missing ?

I do not have an MMA or a DOG 2, and I’m using and IBT 2 rather than the Cytron.

Pleas tell us more about your WAS and how did you connect it?

It’s off a cadilac and its connected according to the diagram

im pretty sure wevvwe figured out the problem tho
it was hooked in backwards

well that wasn’t the problem so im still at a loss
oh and I tested it with a potentiometer tester and it was good
but in the cab im getting 3 different numbers depending where im steered to
but no precise data

What was backwards? Have you damaged the ADS or WAS?

the wheel angle sensor was backwards so I constantly gave an output of 4.3 volts we flipped it and tested it and it still worked correctly but didn’t try to check the ads. how would I go about checking that?

You physically flipped the sensor over or you changed some connections?

flipped power and ground to the sensor

How did you confirm that the sensor still works? Do you have a multi-meter? On simple potentiometer based WAS, flipping the power & ground won’t make much difference because in AoG you can just set the WAS for reverse. If the Cadillac sensor is an optical sensor, then I don’t know what happens to it with reverse polarity. If the WAS is working, then while it’s connected to power & gnd, you can use a multi-meter to check voltage from the WAS output/signal to ground. It should smoothly change as you turn your steering wheel.

I have a potentiometer tester
it did move smoothly
evidently when the polarity was reversed it only read 4.3 volts no matter what

so yeah now ive been messing with it for a good while still can’t seem to get it to work thankfully it is steering now I just hadn’t enabled the steering but yeah that wheel angle sensor is really causing grief