U.K. Import Duties

I’m not going to get into Brexit politics here, but just a quick heads-up for U.K. buyers…

I just got charged £60 import duties on a £220 order of a simplertk2b board and case. :frowning:

Thats like when UPS brokers things into canada.

Most of the time they put duty free trade items into a taxable category regardless.

I also got caught out with this. I think Mouser electronics is the place to by Ardusimple products in the UK to avoid import duties.

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That would have just saved me £60. Good tip.


I had a similar experience a few months ago although I assumed it was essentially vat. However I recently ordered another antenna and didn’t have to pay anything extra. I think there is a value threshold when the tax\duty comes into play

Its all still better priced than Trimble or Starfire.


A used Ferrari is probably cheaper than a Trimble or Starfire.