Ublox reciever configuration

I am currently using ublox m8t reciever and I wanted to know if somebody can share their configuration for this reciever?
I am looking to buy f9p next year,but as the season is over, I don’t see the point.
Going thru ublox gen 8 configuration is beyond flustrating, too many parametres.
I used config from cerea forum, but I acheived only 3.3hz
I didn’t do the configuration which was recomended in Andreas wiki, but will try to do that.
If someone can share their config, and upload it somewhere, it would be great!

Don’t know the config… But might be able to save you from a mistake I made (if you don’t know already). If you’re planning RTK in the future, the radio modules need to be the same on the base and the rover GPS’s. If you have different radio chipsets on your M8t vs F9p, it’s kind of like trying to reach a police radio on a walkie talkie. Food for thought if you’re planning on going to a F9P down the track, and want to avoid rebuying and rebuilding a base station like I did.

I am trying to use NTRIP corrections over the internet, not radio modules…

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This worked for me. The virtual COM port did not work in AGOpenGPS