UDP connection without router

Hi, I would like to use UDP instead usb for connecting my PCB v2 to my pc. Is it possible to do it without a router, connecting directly to Ethernet port of my Panasonic cf-d1?
I have uploaded the right Autosteer_UDP.ino, share connection to the Ethernet port, which change my ip to but I see a conflict with ip.
I have changed ip on the sketch to match the new ip but still no success

They can’t have the same IP so if your using in the sketch then your computer needs to be something like They both need a subnet mask of

i would like to use the hotspot from my phone for NTRIP, i see that my ip is now something like and it is always the same. Should i have to change something on ip configuration on INO file?

I’m not sure how AoG will handle more than one active network connection. Do you use a wired ethernet connection for your setup? Then you probably have two network connections, a wired ethernet for steering and wireless connected to your hotspot. If this is true, then I would leave your INO settings alone and see if it still works. The only IP that should change would be your IP in your NTRIP settings, there it should use your hotspot client IP.

hi m_elias, i can confirm, it is working. I have internet from my phone hotspot and a communicating arduino nano through ethernet. Perfect!

the only strange thing is that i have to use wireshark to see udp from the module.
it is like wireshark is bridging between module and pc…