Unstable steering. WAS going bananas

First season with AOG.

Autosteer worked perfect the first days. Now it’s going bananas.
So my settings should be ok.

2 days ago it suddenly started to go full left instead of straight.

  • Not possible to zero he WAS at that angle, but after a few minutes, it normalized, and it worked.
    But on almost every turn it went bananas, and the green “WAS-bar” went back and forth. After driving about 20 meters and leveling up to to the line manually, I could activate the autosteer, and have it working.

  • Next day was a bit better, but the problem happened 9 out of 10 times after manual turning to drive west.

  • Turn to drive east was almost painless.

  • Yesterday evening WAS-bar was more or less stuck to the far right.

Any tips on this one?

You have a bad WAS or bad wiring.

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Yea. There was some play in the WAS movement.