W5100 support

Is there much benefit for anyone else if I add W5100 Ethernet support for the autosteer code? I plan to switch to using the ENC28J60 but my parts are very slow to arrive from China. In the meantime, my old pre v3 setup on my sprayer uses a W5100 Ethernet shield. I’d like to start using v4 but it’ll need work to add W5100 support. I’d probably just leave it if no one else thinks it would benefit the project and wait for my parts.

The Arduino Ethernet shield 2 uses w5500. Mine is on the desk since last year, but no Time to get it in…

I don’t think I have one with a W5500. Any idea if it’s more reliable then the W5100? I only have Chinese clones, some with io 9 Ethernet reset ready and some without. I find using an esp8266 much more reliable than the W5100 in my IoT/mqtt setup on the farm. Could just be my programming but I don’t know how to detect when the Arduino is at fault or the Ethernet shield so my go to action is to just software reset the Arduino whenever something goes wrong. Depending on the flavor of Ethernet shield, usually does not result in the ethernet chip actually getting a reset or power cycle.

So I expect the code for the two would be very similar, should not be much to change to support the w5500 once it works for the w5100.

The question is, would it be helpful?